vBulletin <= 3.0.4 "forumdisplay.php" Code Execution

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vBulletin <= 3.0.4 "forumdisplay.php" Code Execution Empty vBulletin <= 3.0.4 "forumdisplay.php" Code Execution

Mesaj  neo on Wed Oct 22, 2008 4:40 pm


1st condition : $vboptions['showforumusers'] == True , the admin must set
showforumusers ON in vbulletin options.

2nd condition : $bbuserinfo['userid'] == 0 , you must be an visitor/guest.

3rd condition : $DB_site->fetch_array($forumusers) == True , when you
visit the forums, it must has at least one user show the forum.

4th condition : magic_quotes_gpc must be OFF

SPECIAL condition : you must bypass unset($GLOBALS["$_arrykey"]) code in
init.php by secret array GLOBALS[]=1 Wink))

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